One of our strongest qualities is the communication we have with regional markets worldwide. As a result of this we are always able to give a swift and alert reply to any question of our customers. We are usually able to give a price indication directly when a customer approaches us. We also can, usually at very short notice, just in time, comply with the demand for a certain product. Not only do we owe this to the swiftness and alertness in which we trade but also to the fact that we stick to our contracts and price agreements with clients and suppliers in all cases. If required, we can take on some matters ourselves, including transport and all customs requirements. Meanwhile, our customers are able to concentrate on their main activities. The goods ordered by them arrive at the spot that was agreed upon and at the time required.

Apart from product supply, we can provide the following additional services:

  • office

    Product sourcing

    We are constantly monitoring the food market looking for new suppliers. We can offer real time prices thanks to our developed network of contacts.

  • hall sial

    Brand representation

    Selling and distributing new brands to local and international market. We are constantly sourcing for new clients. Our strength is administration of deliveries and brand representation.

  • pallets

    Supply per pallet

    Organizing mixed loads from different suppliers. Adjusting logistics needs of clients for each particular delivery. Delivery of small quantity orders to worldwide market.

  • truck

    Supply per FCL or mixed loads

    We are focused on contracting deliveries of multiple container shipments. Controlling and administering contract implementation. Negotiating long term deals with multiple small scale agro suppliers in combined contracts.

  • ship

    Delivery to the end destination

    We are finding the right solution, for different, multimodal, transport needs of clients. We deal with extensive network of transport companies and manage on time deliveries to different part of the world

  • chocolate plums

    Advice in product development

    We are providing consulting services for introducing new products to your market. We ensure the assistance in modifying or development of existing product. We adjust to new trends in food consumption.

Please contact us for more information about our services and the possibilities for cooperation. We strongly believe in backward integration to strengthen our product procurement channels. With this objective, we have year after year expanded our capabilities in terms of origination, processing, marketing and distribution for processed product range. This continuous integration has made us a dynamic link that connects the producer with the user, helping us offer vast portfolio of agro products. We have built an extensive network of partner companies sharing the same philosophy : the usage of controlled and traceable raw materials, IFS, HACCP and ISO certified productions and selling at competitive prices.

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